Family Artifacts

One of the key principles of the trust is to maintain an inventory of items that have been donated to the trust.  The trust agreement requires that the inventory be reviewed at the annual meeting.

As the trust is currently configured there is no central physical location for storage/display of the items.  Therefore items that are designated for the trust are generally held by those who have donated them to the trust.  It is however important that they are designated for the trust so that other members of the family are aware of the intent to maintain the item in the trust.

Another important benefit of the items identified in the trust is to educate both family members and others interested in history of important items from the families past.

The ultimate goal for this portion of the website would be to provide a photograph and detailed description of the items including the significance and use of the item.

For Current Trust Inventory

We are currently working to link to our artifact database. Check back in the near future for this exciting feature.

If you would like to donate a piece of our family’s history to the trust or to showcase it on the website, please Click Here to email us