HCC Trustees

The first meeting of the HCC Trust took place on March 23, 2012.  At that meeting numerous members of the family participated and indicated their interest in serving as a trustee.  The trust provides for the original trustees Jim Calvert and Glenn Schmidt.  In addition there shall up to 7 other trustees.  At the conclusion of the March 2012 meeting, Glenn and Jim met with Edwin Calvert to review those who were interested and came up with a list of trustees with an emphasis on providing a broad cross section of the three families  to provide the most diverse representation.  The original trustees are identifed per Section IV, Paragraph A of the HCC Trust.  These are lifetime positions and passed along to direct descendants of the original trustees.  The additional trustees terms are three year terms per Section IV, paragraph B of the HCC Trust agreement.

Original Trustees

James O. Calvert –  Grandson of Edwin Calvert

Glenn Schmidt –  Great Grandson of Rhoda Virginia Hancock-Cook

Class of 2015 Trustees

Marie Calvert McKee – Daughter of Edwin Calvert

Erin K. Hampton – Granddaughter of Lavinia Calvert who wrote 1st history of the Calvert Family in Anne Arundel County in 1955

Robert W. Cook Jr. – Great Grandson of Rhoda Virginia Hancock Cook

Robert P. Cook – Great Grandson of Rhoda Virginia Hancock Cook

James A. Calvert – Great-Great-Grandson of Ben Franklin Calvert

Tyler Hancock – Hancock Family Frank Calvert – Grandson of Perry Calvert